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Before I get started, fair warning: this partially touches on the subject of religion.  Not as an attack on belief though, rather as something that's affected by the subject title.

So, a couple days ago, I heard of this Reverend with a large following and enough money to afford a personal jet who claimed that Pokemon makes kids gay and even had "studies" to back up this bullshit claim.  Obviously his "studies" are false as homosexuality is not a conversion thing.  If anything, it's more like a trumped-up version of the same kind of mockery from a 90's middle-school bully.  Naturally, this opened the floodgates once more for people to attack Christianity.

Now, despite being Christian myself, I don't usually have a problem with this.  Mostly because it's more or less just "fuckin' Christians" and harmless stuff like that.  Plus, I'll be the first to admit that there are quite a number of people - including priests, who misunderstand the core principles of the faith (love, tolerance, and acceptance) and use it to spread hateful messages and propaganda.  This level of hateful ignorance has ranged from mild homophobia to outright murder just because "god told them to".  With people like that around, it's no wonder why people hate Christians, even though Christianity isn't the problem - it's the idiots who claim to represent it.

This time, however, I took notice that someone actually called out for the outright abolishment of Christianity because of this.  Concerned, I spoke with this person to try and show him that not every Christian is like that...I don't think he quite got the message.  He continued his assault on the religion and I calmly countered it, and it went back and forth like that for a while before I got tired of dealing with him and just decided to ignore the guy altogether.  He displayed a stubborn, hateful level of ignorance that he absolutely refused to veer from, ignored every attempt at education...he was about as bad as the "Christians" he hates - only difference between the two was that he didn't believe in a god.

No, that's not a stab at Atheism.  If you don't believe in God, that's fine.  I'm not going to judge you or force you to believe otherwise.  The issue I have is when one hates something so extremely, just because they don't understand enough about it, that they call for its abolishment.

You know what that's going to mean?  It's going to mean the death of at least 90% of the world's population, the massive burnings of billions of Bibles (including the original texts), and the demolition of every Christian, Judaic, and Satanic (because Christianity is an adaptation of Judaism and Satanism is more or less worshiping the bad guy of the Bible) place of worship in existence.  You know why?  Because people don't give up their faith that easily.  You round up every person of these faiths and tell them to stop following their religion, chances are that you're going to get a lot of "no"s and a few people agreeing to it, only to continue practicing their religion in secret.  The only way to abolish something is to remove it completely, and when it comes to faith, the only way to truly remove it is to kill everyone who follows that faith and remove all evidence of its existence.

If this guy gets his way, he's actually going to be worse than Hitler...HITLER!  Fuck's sake.  This is the extent of hate based upon pure, ignorant hypocrisy.  It's not limited to any one religion or culture, either - it's world-wide and diverse.  It's the cause of every form of prejudice, every moment of oppression, all because people refuse take the time to stop, think, and learn.
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Max Dunham
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The hardships of life are not to be feared, or used to weigh oneself down, but instead, as leverage to become better and pursue success. ~ MCD III

There's no such thing as a bad story - only a well/poorly written/thought out one. ^--Never saw or read "Twilight", but due to a popular phrase relating to it I'm not sure how accurate this line of thinking is. xD

A story is your joy, sadness, anger, friendships, betrayal, laughter, excitement, fear, tragedy, humiliation. It can be found in your success, failures, pain, growth. It's the love you found as well as lost, the strange and bizarre adventures you entail, the things you've seen as well as done, everything that's happened from your birth to where you are now. Life is a story. So don't ever say you don't have one. ~ MCD III

Don't let doubt stop you from creating - just go for it, and learn from yourself and others to move along the path to improvement. ~ MCD III

The best way to learn about life is to do absolutely nothing; Just sit back, relax, and let your mind wander. You'll be surprised by what can come to you. ~ MCD III

Hello, strangers and buds! :P My name is Max. I'm 25 years old and I am unemployed. My three main hobbies are writing, gaming, and RPing, though I do gaming more than the other two. I have countless characters swarming around in my brain, but only three I consider my personae; the most accurate of which I've decided to display. I'm generally lazy but can be a hard worker who sees things through to the end when given a job to do.

I enjoy making friends, but I'd rather I get to know you first before considering you as such. Which, of course, means I will not accept friend requests on my messengers if I have no idea who the fuck you are.

...Did I mention I casually swear too? xD

I can be sarcastic sometimes, but it's very, very rarely with the intent of being a jackass.

I also like teasing people and being silly for the sake of a laugh, though more often than not, I find myself with abrupt and very long awkward pauses with absolutely no idea what to say. ^^; Fair warning.

I also happen to be an asexual Christian who supports gay rights as life has taught me to be anti-prejudice. We're all people, after all. We should start treating each other as such despite our differences.

Unlike most on here, my art is mainly in writing. Y'know - creating mental imagery using words. Storytelling and all that. =P I've been at it for seven years now, but I'm well aware that I still have a lot to learn. ^^;

I mainly find my inspiration reading a really good webcomic. A few of my favorite ones are "Freefall", "Slightly Damned", and "Housepets" (they're all awesome - look them up). Something about seeing a good story develop really gets me in an...artsy mood. Although it might come at random or when watching someone work on their art in a livestream as well. :P

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