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...I got tagged.  >=I

♛ Please post these rules and your tagger.
♛ Answer the 10 questions truthfully asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag. (Fuck the latter part of that rule.  xD)
♛ Tag 10 people and put their icons in your journal. (I don't do tags.  :P)
♛ Inform them that they have been tagged by you.
♛ No tag-backs.
♛ You can't say that you don't do tags. (TOO FUCKING LATE!  I shall tag NOBODY!)
♛ You MUST make a journal entry showing your meme!

:iconstaticg0703: asks:

1: What is your favourite number?
14...also, you spelled "favorite" wrong throughout this whole thing.
What is your favourite body part?
My brain...please don't take it. =P
3: Have you ever had your appendix removed?
Nope.  Came close to having a surgery assigned, but it just ended up being a bit of blockage in the lower portion in my colon and I was prescribed strong laxatives instead.  xD
4: Can you do a legit cartwheel?
5: If I were to recommend a webcomic about a group of kids playing a video game that brings about the end of the world and it's up to these kids and 12 other alien kids who played the same game to create a new universe whilst being forced to cope with various adversaries and overcoming challenges of relatively unfathomable difficulty, and then I told you that the author of said webcomic has a god complex and likes to kill of those kids, would you still read it?
6: So I herd you liek mudkipz?
stab  DAMN YOU, TIRED MEME!  Why...won'!?  ...But yes.  I even have a Swampert named Toadstool.
7: What is your greatest fear?
...Spiders.  The smaller, the more terrifying.
8: Related to the last question, what would be your faction if you were in the Divergent universe? (if you're Divergent, just refer to your strongest aspect: Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Erudite or Dauntless)
I...I don't understand the question.  What the fuck is Divergent?
9: If I asked you about butterflies, what would be your response?
It depends on what about them you're specifically asking.  If you're just going, "So...butterflies?" I'd just look at you, waiting awkwardly for you to go into detail.
10: What goes better with peanut butter? Jam, bananas, bacon or Marshmallow Fluff?
None of the above!  The correct answer is chocolate syrup.  ...I'm not fucking kidding.  I used to make those sandwiches all the time for school lunches.  Best ever.  <3

I'm not adding any questions of my own and I don't do tags.  Those rules can suck it.

Later, everyone!  Bye
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Max Dunham
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
The hardships of life are not to be feared, or used to weigh oneself down, but instead, as leverage to become better and pursue success. ~ MCD III

There's no such thing as a bad story - only a well/poorly written/thought out one. ^--Never saw or read "Twilight", but due to a popular phrase relating to it I'm not sure how accurate this line of thinking is. xD

A story is your joy, sadness, anger, friendships, betrayal, laughter, excitement, fear, tragedy, humiliation. It can be found in your success, failures, pain, growth. It's the love you found as well as lost, the strange and bizarre adventures you entail, the things you've seen as well as done, everything that's happened from your birth to where you are now. Life is a story. So don't ever say you don't have one. ~ MCD III

Don't let doubt stop you from creating - just go for it, and learn from yourself and others to move along the path to improvement. ~ MCD III

Hello, strangers and buds! :P My name is Max. I'm 25 years old and I am unemployed. My three main hobbies are writing, gaming, and RPing, though I do gaming more than the other two. I have countless characters swarming around in my brain, but only three I consider my personae; the most accurate of which I've decided to display. I'm generally lazy but can be a hard worker who sees things through to the end when given a job to do.

I enjoy making friends, but I'd rather I get to know you first before considering you as such. Which, of course, means I will not accept friend requests on my messengers if I have no idea who the fuck you are.

...Did I mention I casually swear too? xD

I can be sarcastic sometimes, but it's very, very rarely with the intent of being a jackass.

I also like teasing people and being silly for the sake of a laugh, though more often than not, I find myself with abrupt and very long awkward pauses with absolutely no idea what to say. ^^; Fair warning.

I also happen to be an asexual Christian who supports gay rights as life has taught me to be anti-prejudice. We're all people, after all. We should start treating each other as such despite our differences.

Unlike most on here, my art is mainly in writing. Y'know - creating mental imagery using words. Storytelling and all that. =P I've been at it for seven years now, but I'm well aware that I still have a lot to learn. ^^;

I mainly find my inspiration reading a really good webcomic. A few of my favorite ones are "Freefall", "Slightly Damned", and "Housepets" (they're all awesome - look them up). Something about seeing a good story develop really gets me in an...artsy mood. Although it might come at random or when watching someone work on their art in a livestream as well. :P

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