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Hello people who may or may not have forgotten about me. =P  I'm back with more Wingspan updates.  First off, I think I have finally come up a set of conditions for the whole human-version of dragon racing aspect that I'm happy with.  Took a while to get it all together but here it is (including a bit of mathematics regarding how fast Devin would theoretically be able to complete the course.)

Surrounding the city of Emanon is a caged Dragon Racing course with a marked starting line at the city’s entrance.  The audience takes their seats upon the city’s walls to watch the race.  As such, several entrances to the top of these stone walls are easily accessible at any time.  The course itself surrounds the border of the city, creating a forty-five-mile track while the cage it takes place in is about forty feet wide and seventy feet high (twenty feet past the top of the walls) with a round, arching roof.


After doing the math, I’ve estimated that forty-five miles is about 0.02 the length of Devin’s top speed, meaning that Devin can finish the course in 0.02 of an hour which is about a single minute.  This means that Devin can finish a three-lap race in only three minutes at top-speed, give or take the variable of slowing down for the turns.  Given his prodigal speed-of-flight, this is a clear record as most dragons would be slower than him, even if by a few seconds.



Preliminary Rules:

    1.      Make sure your dragon is properly saddled before partaking in the race.  They are incredibly fast creatures and you most certainly wouldn’t want to be thrown off of one zooming through the air at a thousand miles or more an hour.

    2.      Two dragons begin at a starting position in a track around the city capital and listen for the sounding of the starting bugle.  Using only their flight, they will commence in a three-lap race in this course, which is caged to prevent cheating such as taking shortcuts but wide enough to prevent unintentional physical contact.

    3.      There are two types of racing – timed and traditional.  Traditional racing is as described above while timed is a simpler method: instead of both dragons taking flight, only one commences first while being timed.  Upon the first dragon’s finishing, the second one must take flight and attempt to finish the three laps before the first one’s time.  The winner is the one who completes the course the fastest.

    4.      Because some have difficulty taming dragons, leaving their intentions unpredictable, it is customary to time traditional races anyway just in case the dragon decides to partake in a timed race instead.

    5.      This is a simple racing sport – physical contact such as tackling and the like will not be tolerated and may result in immediate disqualification.  In the event that both dragons racing partake in such unfair play, however, they may finish for entertainment purposes, but both will be disqualified upon finishing the race.  Should such behavior only show itself in the finals the latter will change to the winner being disqualified while the second-place racer will be declared having won the race.


There are two types of racing competitions: Preliminary and the actual Tournament.


Preliminary Dragon Racing is a series on 1-vs-1 challenges against dragons within the city used to determine which will represent their respected city in the tournament.  Tournament Dragon Racing is a national racing challenge against 64 cities within Emanon’s kingdom (Pefa is the 65th city and always refuses to participate or attend).


The tournament is city against city and thus some of the rules differ only slightly: should a single dragon take part in intentional physical assault at any point during the competition (during, before, after a race, or during intermission) that dragon will immediately be disqualified.  Should both parties be found guilty in said assault, then both shall be disqualified.  In the event that these two are in the finals, then only the guilty dragon(s) will be removed from the tournament, so as to establish a winner.


Tournament Races are also 1-vs-1, although unlike Preliminary races, these are always held within the Kingdom’s capital, which contains a race track that only two dragons can comfortably fit inside without accidental contact.  In addition, the first several rounds are only a single lap and only the traditional style of racing applies.  This is because every participating city must comply with the tournament and the audience would prefer to spend as little time as possible in between races.


Even with the above conditions, the amount of competitors alone can take up an entire week to complete the first round of racing.  Because of this, Tournament Races have intermission periods either after every ten races or the end of a round for the competitors to rest, relax, mingle, and prepare before the next bout of races the following day.  The local racer disperses to his/her own living area while visiting racers (both active in and removed from the tournament) are given a complementary stay at any inn of their choice until the tournament ends, completely free-of-charge.


         After every race, the losing racer is removed from the tournament, effectively cutting the competition in half by the time the next round is ready, and so on.  Once the race reaches to the final 16, three-lap races become mandatory and the laps increase to five for the final two, so as to give the audience a bit more of a show with the best two dragon racers going at it.

So, yeah.  Obviously nothing like HtTYD's version of "Dragon Racing", actually more along the lines of Dragon Soccer or something if you take the whole concept of the sport into account.  I mean seriously, no actual racing is done there - it's all just grab the sheep, steal the sheep from someone else, score a goal, keep at it until the black sheep is put into a goal, whichever team scored the most wins.  This, however, is more of a traditional race, like say...if Nascar was 1-on-1, done on dragons, and collisions weren't allowed.  It'd either be more exciting or just as boring as regular Nascar (They're making a left turn!  Ooh, they're making another left turn!  I wonder what's gonna happen next! :P ) but hey, if that can get a cult following, then so can this.

Oh, and the number of cities is likely to increase or decrease, just so you know.  I had enough trouble coming up with Emanon, and that ended up just being "no name" meshed into one word and spelled backwards and Pefa has a story to it that's kind of a stab at PETA for their hypocritical, extremist methods.  I don't know how many other areas I'm able to come up with with that kind of lack of creativity.

So yeah, world building is still going on and I'm still trying to figure out a few key plot points.  Not the ending though, I've already got that figured out.  Some people will be pissed at me for the way I've chosen to conclude the whole thing, but others might either get it or be understanding enough to ask upon my reasoning for it.  That's all I'm saying on the matter. =P

Later everyone, and thanks to whoever reads these things. ^_^

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