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First off, no.  Not PTA as "Parent-Teacher-Association" or whatever.  I have no children (thank god), so I obviously wouldn't be a part of that thing.  =P  I'm referring to a Pokemon forum site...of which I had taken a very lengthy stay from after growing tired of the whole role playing thing.  ^^;  I've still stopped by to silently stalk some other threads and respond to PMs, but I've been inactive for quite a bit over there.

No doubt some of my watchers are aware as to what I'm talking about.  :P  For those people, keep in mind that I do intend to make some changes regarding my character roster on there.  For starters, I'm removing everyone that's crucially involved within the Xander storyline...which are a LOT of characters - pretty much a family of 6, one current antagonist, one...former antagonist that was turned into a fish, and an entire village.  My reasons for this: they were built for fighting...which is pretty much against the whole theme of the forum itself (the war-trio is going too...or, at least Koler and the mute Kadabra are.  Larson is still a pretty fun character and quite gentle, so I might keep him around) and I'm pretty sure KZ isn't coming back to help me move that along (speaking of which, I'm probably going to have to find a new owner for Cyrus, the depressingly cynical Lugia...who is surprisingly fun to work with (I swear that isn't sarcasm)).  So yeah...going to make some cuts.

I do plan on keeping the fun characters around, like Chipper, Bill, Ben, and the Gengar twins.  Max (Typhlosion...and NOT the same character in the PMD-E stuff, I might add, for those who aren't as aware) would be replaced with someone else.  I don't know the name, gender, or what species the character will be just yet, but I do have a very fitting profession in mind for them...and that's all I'm sharing.  =P

Keep in mind that this all depends on one massive "if" though.  It's getting more and more tempting to hop back into RPing, but I don't want to do it too quickly and just wind up getting bored again.  ^^;

Now, onto the other thing....  IGN's trailer for the upcoming 3rd-gen remake titles: Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.  I'll's making me sway from my earlier decision to skip the game.

I still have horrible memories of my time in Sapphire, but IGN's recent trailer on this 3rd-gen remake has put some very fun points in the spotlight and even revealed a potentially new feature in Pokemon Amie (basically dress-up).  Team that up with the fact that I have my 12 dream-teams already (I'm sure Pokemon Bank will be compatible with this) and all the talk of new mega-stones...I'm starting to be swayed against my previous decision to skip this game.  xP  I'll still need to mull it over...maybe wait until after its release to see if the game's story has been improved before finally deciding.

That's all for now guys.  Later!  ;P
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Max Dunham
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United States
The hardships of life are not to be feared, or used to weigh oneself down, but instead, as leverage to become better and pursue success. ~ MCD III

There's no such thing as a bad story - only a well/poorly written/thought out one. ^--Never saw or read "Twilight", but due to a popular phrase relating to it I'm not sure how accurate this line of thinking is. xD

A story is your joy, sadness, anger, friendships, betrayal, laughter, excitement, fear, tragedy, humiliation. It can be found in your success, failures, pain, growth. It's the love you found as well as lost, the strange and bizarre adventures you entail, the things you've seen as well as done, everything that's happened from your birth to where you are now. Life is a story. So don't ever say you don't have one. ~ MCD III

Don't let doubt stop you from creating - just go for it, and learn from yourself and others to move along the path to improvement. ~ MCD III

Hello, strangers and buds! :P My name is Max. I'm 25 years old and I am unemployed. My three main hobbies are writing, gaming, and RPing, though I do gaming more than the other two. I have countless characters swarming around in my brain, but only three I consider my personae; the most accurate of which I've decided to display. I'm generally lazy but can be a hard worker who sees things through to the end when given a job to do.

I enjoy making friends, but I'd rather I get to know you first before considering you as such. Which, of course, means I will not accept friend requests on my messengers if I have no idea who the fuck you are.

...Did I mention I casually swear too? xD

I can be sarcastic sometimes, but it's very, very rarely with the intent of being a jackass.

I also like teasing people and being silly for the sake of a laugh, though more often than not, I find myself with abrupt and very long awkward pauses with absolutely no idea what to say. ^^; Fair warning.

I also happen to be an asexual Christian who supports gay rights as life has taught me to be anti-prejudice. We're all people, after all. We should start treating each other as such despite our differences.

Unlike most on here, my art is mainly in writing. Y'know - creating mental imagery using words. Storytelling and all that. =P I've been at it for seven years now, but I'm well aware that I still have a lot to learn. ^^;

I mainly find my inspiration reading a really good webcomic. A few of my favorite ones are "Freefall", "Slightly Damned", and "Housepets" (they're all awesome - look them up). Something about seeing a good story develop really gets me in an...artsy mood. Although it might come at random or when watching someone work on their art in a livestream as well. :P

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